Our team of industry veterans has worked at a senior or leadership level for many of Australia's largest enterprises. We understand the challenges and requirements of deploying complex applications and have a proven track record of success.

Jake Tracey

Jake Tracey / Managing Director

Working as a user interface designer and developer for more than fifteen years, with experience in the banking, government, telecommunications and education sectors, Jake's passion lies in creating functional experiences for people regardless of age, skill level or disability, and has led teams to create highly accessible applications across a broad range of devices and platforms

Rihana Ries

Rihana Ries / Head of User Experience

Rihana Ries is a content and specialist and UI/UX practitioner more than a decade of experience in publishing, finance, consulting and telecommunications industries.

Rihana believes in approaching design challenges from first principles; her design philosophy is one of clarity, simplicity and empathy. She has a special interest in accessible design. Her goal is to empower her clients with the skills and tools they need for success.

Blake Kellett

Blake Kellett / Account Manager

Working for clients such as CBA and Telstra, Blake has an eye for detail when administrating Adobe sites and assets. He has led teams to deliver large scale projects across a range of sectors with a focus on content authoring, accessibility and personalisation.

Ramiro Pujalte

Ramiro Pujalte / Principal Developer

Ramiro has more than a decade of experience developing software in multiple technologies, and has contributes to projects as broad as Windows services, Linux daemons, hardware drivers, management systems, Android applications, iPhone applications and games. Ramiro has experience in several programming languages and technologies including C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, React, Java and Adobe Experience Manager.

Nurbek Umirov

Nurbek Umirov / Principal Developer

With over a decade of experience developing applications on Java platforms, Nurbek brings a high level of competency to any managing AEM project. Offering technical expertise in programming analysis and application design, Nurbek is a highly motivated team player with an in-depth knowledge of development tools and languages.

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